Things to Know: Early Socialization

 I take early puppy socialization seriously.

The first 12 weeks of a puppy's life largely determine its future emotional stability, resilience and ability to respond appropriately to new sights, sounds and experiences.

Early neurological stimulation, an enriching environment, correct weaning and careful introduction to age-appropriate challenges all contribute to a puppy’s developing personality and emotional well-being.

If this critical period is neglected, the best opportunity to ensure the future well-being and trainability of your puppy is lost. Future training and social conditioning will require more effort or have limited success. The door is open to difficult behavioral issues. I don't want any of these things to happen.

To make the most of the time I have with your puppy, I invested in the respected Puppy Culture program of systematic, week-by-week stimulation and exercises. This scientifically developed and experience tested program requires daily time and attention for each puppy in the litter. Progressive exposure to sensory stimulation, new experiences and challenges help each puppy expand its ability to deal positively with the world. The Puppy Culture program is one of the extra efforts that make Northshore Doodle puppies truly exceptional.

By Adoption Day, I will have spent eight weeks providing sound early developmental opportunities for your puppy. The first four weeks in your home will complete the 12-week window when your puppy is most open to new sights, sounds and experiences; and positive behavior can become instinctual.

As part of your Adoption Kit, I will give you instructions for continuing the Puppy Culture program in your own home. Together, we can make sure your puppy grows up to be an attentive, well-behaved and emotionally well-adjusted companion.

"Puppy Culture sets the gold standard for responsible breeders, and illustrates why good, responsible breeders should be celebrated."

- Dr. Patricia McConnell, Professor of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, and author of The Other End Of The Leash, For The Love Of a Dog, The Puppy Primer and Family Friendly Dog Training (among other books and papers).


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Puppy Lacey is excited to see me and wants to play.

Puppy Lacey is excited to see me and wants to play.