Things to Know: Care in Breeding

Healthy puppies come from healthy, genetically sound parents.

My girls and their mates are thoroughly health tested. They are up-to-date on their vaccinations, have excellent or good hips, normal elbows (no dysplasia), and normal eyes and hearts. They are strong and vigorous, with no known diseases or health issues.

In addition, they've been genetically tested to make sure they will not pass on any undesirable traits or predispositions. I make sure their puppies are free of common inheritable problems.

Finally, each of the parents has a veterinary reproductive exam prior to mating to confirm their current health and condition, and to ensure they are free of sexually transmitted disease.

See my Parents page for descriptions of my girls and their mates.

Because of this careful selection and testing, I can comfortably assure you that your puppy should have a long and healthy life. Health and genetic warranties are a prominent part of your Puppy Contract.


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Tessa's mate Marlow, a multi-gen Labradoodle.

Tessa's mate Marlow, a multi-gen Labradoodle.