Things to Know: Visiting Policies

I encourage you to visit.

A personal visit is always a good way for us to get to know each other. We can talk more easily than by phone or email. You can meet my girls and see how they live, and I can learn more about what you’re interested in. 

Still, we are a home with other things going on, so please don’t arrive unannounced.

I’m happy to have you visit by appointment, preferably on a Saturday, but I can usually accommodate your schedule. Email me to arrange a visit, or call (414) 559-1778.

A few days before the whelping (birth) date of the puppies, I will stop further visits. The expectant mother needs a calm and restful environment. I’ll be preparing her and myself for whelping. After the puppies are born, I will limit visitors until the puppies receive their first round of vaccinations. This is to prevent the accidental introduction of infectious diseases which can be deadly to puppies with vulnerable immune systems.

However, I will be posting pictures and progress notes on my Puppies & Prices pages, so you will be able to see what they look like and track their development.


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Tessa loves outdoor sounds and activities.

Tessa loves outdoor sounds and activities.