Things to Know: Reserve Your Puppy

A non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to reserve your puppy.

Before you make a decision, I would like to hear about your interests and preparedness for caring for a puppy, and I want to answer any questions you may have for me. Email me or call (414) 559-1778 to talk or arrange a visit. I encourage you to visit so you can meet me in person and we can talk freely about your preferences for one of my puppies.

When you are ready, download the Puppy Reservation Form from the link below. Print and complete the form and mail it back to me (or bring it with you when you visit) along with your check for the deposit. If you can't print the reservation form, let me know and I'll mail it to you, or pick up a copy when you visit.

You will be placed on the reservation list in the order in which your reservation and deposit are received. At your scheduled appointment on Adoption Day, you will have your choice of the remaining puppies in the litter. I do not ship puppies. 

Please be flexible in your expectations. Because of genetic variability, I can’t anticipate precise color or coat, or the genders of puppies that will be born. Puppies will grow up to be somewhere between the size of their mother and their father, not necessarily an average of the two.

Not Enough Puppies

If there are not enough puppies in the litter to satisfy your place on the reservation list (for example, if you are number 8 on the list and only seven puppies are born), I will refund your deposit after Adoption Day, or at your request place your name on the list for the next available litter.

Failure to Adopt

If puppies remain available but you decide you don’t want one, you may place your name on the list for the next available litter, or you may decline altogether. Deposits are non-refundable in either circumstance, since if you fail to adopt a reserved puppy, I will have to make special, last-minute arrangements to find it a new home. If you decide to place your name on the list for the next available litter, you must adopt a puppy from that litter or abandon your deposit. You may not defer your purchase more than once. Keep in mind I offer puppies only once a year.

(For convenience, some of this information is repeated on the Adoption Day page.)

Puppy Lacey is relaxing on the couch.

Puppy Lacey is relaxing on the couch.

Download the Puppy Reservation Form


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