Things to Know: Puppy Contract

Northshore Doodles Family Pet / Companion Animal Contract

[This is the text of the purchase agreement, health and genetic warranties and sales receipt. Please read this carefully. Ask me about anything that may not be clear to you before you send me a deposit to reserve your puppy. We will complete and sign a formatted version on Adoption Day.]

This agreement is made this date _____ between Northshore Doodles, LLC (Seller) and this Buyer: 

Name  __________

Postal Address __________

City, State, ZIP __________

Telephone __________

Email  __________

Buyer agrees to purchase, as a family pet or companion animal, a canine puppy as follows:

Male / Female

Goldendoodle / Labradoodle

Coat Color  __________

Born  __________

Dam  __________

Sire __________

Microchip ID __________

In return for this puppy, Buyer has paid as follows:

Price    $__________

State and Local Sales Tax (5.5%)  $__________

Total Purchase Price      $__________

Less deposit received   -$400.00 received __________

Balance paid in cash   $__________

Purpose of Sale

This puppy is sold as a family pet or companion animal. The puppy may not be resold, bartered, exchanged or transferred except to another family or home environment. It may not be used for breeding. It may not be placed in an animal shelter, pet store, puppy mill, or any other similar establishment.

Buyer agrees to take good care of the puppy, including affection, shelter, proper nutrition, adequate fresh water, regular veterinary care, appropriate vaccinations and medications, socialization, training, regular exercise and a safe environment free of abuse or neglect.

Well Puppy Warranty

Seller certifies that as of this date the puppy is in good health and has been examined, vaccinated and de-wormed as indicated in the accompanying records. This puppy has no known diseases or illnesses. Any conditions that are minor or will go away as the puppy gets older are not covered. This warranty does not cover viral illness, infections, indigestion, improper bite or teeth issues, hernias, hypoglycemia, parasites including heartworm, or any condition which is within Buyer’s control to prevent. Seller is not responsible for any physical injury or harm that comes to the puppy once sold, including ingestion of foreign objects or harmful liquids.

To activate this Well Puppy Warranty, Buyer will take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for a health exam within 72 hours of the purchase date. If Buyer’s vet finds any problem (other than the exceptions described above) that indicates an existing illness or a permanent or chronic health impairment, Buyer will contact Seller with full documentation from the vet. Seller has the right to a second opinion at Seller’s expense. Upon confirmation, Seller will provide a full refund and Buyer will return the puppy to Seller.

This Well Puppy Warranty is void if no veterinary exam is performed with 72 hours of the purchase date (above), and if Seller is not notified of any problem within five days of the purchase date.

Genetic Health Warranty

If within the first two years following purchase the puppy is discovered to suffer a genetic condition that detracts from the quality of life of the puppy, Seller will, after documented diagnosis, reimburse Buyer for reasonable and customary medical treatments to correct or cure the condition, up to the Total Purchase Price of the puppy.

Buyer must provide proof in writing from a licensed veterinarian (at Buyer’s expense) of any such condition. Buyer must provide proof from OFA (the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for hips and elbows, from a canine ophthalmologist for eyes, and from a canine cardiologist for heart. Seller must be granted access to all veterinary records, starting from the date of this contract. Seller has the right to a second opinion at Seller’s expense. Upon confirmation and presentation of receipts, Seller will reimburse up to the Total Purchase Price of the puppy.

This Genetic Health Warranty applies only if Buyer intends to keep the puppy following treatment. This warranty expires two years after the purchase date.


If for any reason Buyer is unable to keep or care for this puppy, Buyer remains responsible for finding it an appropriate new home under the terms and conditions of this contract. Seller is willing to assist in this effort, however no refund will be given. Under no circumstance may the puppy be placed in an animal shelter, pet store, puppy mill, or any other similar establishment.

Non-Breeding Clause

This puppy is being sold as a family pet or companion animal. It may not be used for breeding. Buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered before it is one year old (as advised by Buyer's veterinarian), and will send veterinarian confirmation to Seller before the puppy is 13 months old. Verification must be from a certified veterinary hospital, on paper, showing the Puppy’s description, breed and microchip number. Failure to comply will be considered breach of this contract and will void the health and genetic warranties contained herein. If Buyer is found to have bred the puppy intentionally or accidentally (Buyer is cautioned that female puppies can become pregnant as early as their first heat at six or seven moths of age), Buyer will pay to Seller a fine of ten times the Total Purchase Price of the puppy, plus all court costs  and attorney fees required for collection. All contract disputes will be handled under the jurisdiction of Milwaukee County Circuit Court, State of Wisconsin.

Puppy Temperament and Appearance

Buyer understands that all puppies initially exhibit certain undesirable behaviors such as nipping, chewing, barking, jumping and eliminating indiscriminately. Buyer is responsible for continued socialization and training of puppy to teach acceptable behaviors. Although Seller has followed the socialization protocols of the respected Puppy Culture program, no one can guarantee the future temperament of a dog due to a wide variety of environmental and other factors; therefore adult temperament cannot be warranted by Seller. 

Buyer acknowledges that there is no guarantee or promise that this puppy will be non-shedding or non-allergenic. Buyer further agrees that the adult size and color of the puppy are not completely predictable, and confirms that Seller has made no promise regarding precise size, color, coat appearance or texture, or any other physical or behavioral trait. Buyer affirms that the puppy is intended as a family pet or companion animal. Buyer may train and use this puppy as a therapy or service animal, however Seller makes no assertion, promise or warranty regarding its suitability for those purposes.

Indemnity and Limitation of Liability

Seller is not responsible for any injury to the puppy or damage cause by the puppy after placement with Buyer. Seller's liability (if any) shall be limited to the Total Purchase Price of the puppy. 

Full and Final Agreement

Buyer confirms that he/she has read and understands this entire agreement. Buyer and Seller affirm that this contract represents the entire agreement between them and that no other representations, either oral or written, have been made regarding this puppy and this purchase.


Seller __________ Print Name __________

Buyer __________ Print Name __________


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Tessa's mate Marlow as a puppy.

Tessa's mate Marlow as a puppy.