Things to Know: Price Benefits

The purchase price of a Northshore Doodles puppy is listed on my Puppies & Prices pages.

The price reflects the extensive preparation and individualized care that assures you of a healthy and well-adjusted companion for you and your family.

You benefit directly from these efforts:

  • Careful selection of your puppy’s parents
  • Assessments by canine medical specialists to confirm that the parents are free of eye, heart, hip and elbow problems 
  • Genetic testing for both parents to ensure they are free of common inheritable problems or diseases
  • Prenatal care by veterinary leaders in canine reproduction and breeding
  • Sound birthing and post-natal care to get your puppy off to a healthy start
  • Initial vaccinations, dew claw removal, de-worming and a detailed health "report card" confirming the health of your puppy
  • Early neurological stimulation during the puppies' first weeks of life. ENS, also known as the "super dog" program, improves cardio vascular performance, strengthens heart function, strengthens the adrenal glands (important for a healthy  immune system, blood pressure regulation and other essential functions), improves tolerance to stress, and provides greater resistance to disease.
  • Systematic, science-based and experience-tested socialization and conditioning including car rides. I follow the respected Puppy Culture program. From a young age the puppies are handled by adults and children from my extended family and by carefully vetted volunteers. They are exposed to a progression of physical and sensory experiences so they learn to respond positively to unfamiliar situations without becoming fearful or aggressive. 
  • Conditioning for eye contact and Initial training for "sit" and "come." By Adoption Day, most of my puppies respond instinctively to these important commands.
  • Health warranty and two-year genetic health warranty in your puppy contract
  • Your puppy microchipped with a registration form for your use
  • Your puppy's first collar
  • A small blanket or soft toy that has spent enough time with your puppy’s litter mates to absorb their scent, to ease the transition to your home
  • An Adoption Kit that includes a reminder for your first vet visit and further vaccinations, tips on adjustment to your home, instructions to help you continue your puppy’s socialization and training, information on food and nutrition including toxic foods to avoid, suggestions for toys and supplies, and other helpful resources
  • Your Adoption Kit also includes a copy of your puppy contract, a record your puppy’s pre-adoption vet visit(s) and vaccinations to date, and your puppy's microchip ID

Pet stores and casual breeders cannot provide these benefits. A "low-cost" puppy from such sources may require expensive long-term care due to medical or behavioral problems not anticipated or revealed to you.

Your Puppy Contract includes a strict no-breeding clause that requires you to spay or neuter your puppy before 12 months of age. Check with your vet regarding the best time to do this. Be aware that female puppies can become pregnant as early as their first heat at six or seven months of age, and  you will held liable even if this happens accidentally. The contract also specifies that you may not resell or allow your puppy to be transferred to a puppy mill, pet store or animal shelter; nor to any third party if that party may subject the puppy to abuse or neglect.

A deposit is required to reserve your puppy (see next page). On Adoption Day, the balance of the purchase price, plus applicable state and local sales taxes, will be due in cash only. No exceptions.


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Tessa's mate Marlow is a handsome adult multi-gen Labradoodle.

Tessa's mate Marlow is a handsome adult multi-gen Labradoodle.