Things to Know: Healthy Puppies

Healthy puppies start with healthy parents, as I described on my Care in Breeding page. After the parents are selected and mated, I turn my attention to the puppies.

My puppies are born at home in a carefully prepared and protected room. I am a registered nurse and nurse educator, and am able to deal with a wide range of situations that occur during normal whelping (puppy birthing).

In preparation for that exciting time, I have enlisted the support of the doctors and staff at Veterinary Village in Lomira, Wisconsin, a nationally recognized state-of-the-art clinic specializing in canine breeding and reproductive services.

I also enjoy decades-long support from the doctors and vet techs of Lakeside Animal Hospital in Whitefish Bay/Glendale.

In addition, both my husband and I have received training from Myra Savant-Harris, nurse, educator and author of prominent books on puppy birthing and neo-natal care.

After whelping, I monitor nutrition and hydration, and if necessary supplement what each puppy is receiving from its mother. I weigh each puppy twice daily to monitor proper weight gain. Daily neurological stimulation and socialization exercises begin immediately as described on the next page.

Before you pick up your puppy at eight weeks old, it will have deworming treatments and its dew claws removed. It will have its first round of vaccinations and a thorough health exam by my breeding clinic. You will receive the detailed health "report card" for your puppy and explanation for anything not considered completely normal.

I do everything I can to ensure that your puppy is prepared for a long and healthy life in your home.

From birth to adoption, you can track the litter’s growth and development in the weekly reports, pictures and videos I post on my Puppies & Prices pages.

As Adoption Day nears, you should schedule a visit to your vet for a well puppy exam within 72 hours (three days) of adoption. This is to confirm to your satisfaction that your puppy is completely healthy, and to continue your puppy’s vaccination schedule. You will be reminded about this in your Puppy Contract and in your Adoption Kit.


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Tessa and Lacey racing across our snowy backyard.

Tessa and Lacey racing across our snowy backyard.