2019 Puppy Buyer Reviews

Shortly after their 2019 Adoption Day, I asked my puppy buyers to tell me about their experiences. Here is what they said, and the pictures they shared, during late summer 2019 when the puppies were three to four months old:

Eileen (Port Washington)

Thank you for your support, guidance and knowledge you shared during our puppy adoption process.  I chose Northshore Doodles over others based on your thoroughness, concern and active process of early training/ stimulation, time of litter delivery and pricing. What we got was much more. You and your husband truly care about these pups as well as the mother and made sure the process was what was best for all involved.The puppy adoption kit was wonderful and very helpful. When you make a decision that will affect your life for many years, you want to make the best decision possible. I felt I could do that. Our puppy has settled in well, sleeping great at night and playful during the day. He is very friendly and loves meeting new people which he has done a lot of. The sensitivity training you did has proven very successful as he is not startled easily by noises. We have mastered car rides and he now lays quietly on our short trips. I would definitely recommend Northshore doodles to others and have done so already. Thank you for bringing him into our family.


Georgia (Cedarburg)

We liked how you are a small breeder--not a puppy mill. Our puppy whined and whimpered the first few nights but has now developed a fondness for her house. She even “puts herself to sleep” in the kennel most nights. She seems to have no fear of any sounds--not even ones that could be a bit scary. She’s been exposed to noise from the following: saws, drills, vacuums, hammers. She doesn’t even skip a beat. She loves training with our children. She’s excellent at “sit” and “down.” Soon we will begin “shake.”  She’s the best snuggler!! My son looked forward to [your development reports] all week long. Pictures and videos were the best. Your Adoption Day experience was smooth.


Jeanne (Milwaukee)

​We LOVED every single interaction with you. You were very knowledgeable and promptly answered all of our questions/concerns. ​We would most definitely recommend Northshore Doodles to others. The attention to detail was impeccable. The facilities were clean, odor free and very organized. The weekly puppy reports where clear and concise. We looked forward to each and everyone of them especially the photos as the puppies grew and changed. The Adoption Day experience was very smooth. The resources that were provided to us as new puppy owners was way beyond our expectations. Our puppy has adjusted very well to home/family life. She came to us to very well socialized and we all feel like we have established a strong family bond with her.  Even though we are not first time Goldendoodle owners we have found your resources to be highly helpful. We feel so grateful for having connected with you and we are looking forward to many exciting years with our new fur baby.


Dana (Minneapolis)

My husband and I were pleased with our experience in adopting our Goldendoodle from Kristen at Northshore Doodles. We decided on a Doodle due to allergies and chose Northshore Doodles because of their care and practice in breeding low shedding dogs. After searching around the Twin Cities, we were unable to find a dog that fit our needs. We had been communicating with other breeders, but from the start, Kristen stood out from the others in her philosophy on breeding dogs in her home around people. We were so confident that we would be adopting a good dog that we took a risk and put down our deposit without meeting the dogs. Our risk paid off and we ended up with a sweet dog without any allergy effects. 

Another reason we are happy with our adoption with Northshore Doodles is the guidance we received in training through Dr. Dunbar’s book and the Adoption kit. We were happy to have those resources. Following the book's guidance made for very few house training errors and Lucy was able to get used to her confinement areas and learned to be an expert chewer on the right things. 

While we awaited adoption day, Kristen was excellent in her communication about the growth of the puppies and the procedure for adoption day. She explained everything so well, that we had very little questions about the adoption process. I loved the video updates on their growth. 

We felt the adoption experience was well planned and organized. The picking order and time slots made it easy.  The volunteers were great, but when it was too overwhelming with all the puppies and volunteers in the room, Kristen politely cleared the room to allow us to bond with the puppies. After choosing the right puppy, the staff took time and thoroughly explained the paperwork and the adoption kit. We left feeling informed and comfortable contacting Kristen with any questions.

Lucy settled into her new home quickly. She has learned to enjoy her own company in her long-term confinement and loves to play with her family. Outside, she jumps into her puppy pool and chases her soccer ball around. Indoors, she loves to play “Where is Lucy” which is her own version of hide and seek. Lucy learning excellent household manners and loves everyone she meets.  We are so grateful that we made the decision to adopt from Kristen at Northshore Doodles. We truly believe we have a wonderful new addition to our family. 


Laura (Thiensville)

We LOVE our puppy! He is so sweet and loves to be around people. Very calm and rarely gets scared. We are so happy we found you and the stars aligned so we could get our little guy :) 


Alessandra (Madison)

We are getting along quite well with our puppy. While he was a bit shy at first, he is making lots of new friends. He takes a walk every morning and greets neighbor dogs and the local kids. He even went to our neighborhood cookout and was one of two dogs who actually made it through the whole event without having to be taken home! He's a very quick learner, affectionate, and clever. 

When we found you, we were looking at the recommended breeders of labradoodles and goldendoodles in the Wisconsin area. The puppy [development reports] were very eye grabbing! I did not anticipate how much our extended family would watch along to see all of the pups in anticipation of learning which one we'd get. The whole experience was pretty perfect. Our vet said the adoption binder was the most thorough of the sort she'd ever seen and the vet techs were very happy to scan in the info. Our puppy is a great fit for us and we love being his new parents.


Christie (Milwaukee)

Our puppy is adjusting really well. She is super sweet and playful and is a loving part of our family already. Everything [about the adoption process] was great.  We really appreciated how you thought of our son and were so attentive with him. We also felt you did such an amazing job raising the puppies for their first 8 weeks!


Tracy (Green Bay)

We are enjoying our puppy so much. He is a very mellow and laid-back dog even for a puppy. Everybody comments on what a nice little puppy he is. He is more people oriented than food oriented and tends to just go into a short barking fit when put in his crate but then settles down with his chew toys. I really feel like the sit training and ENS exercises that you did with the puppies was very helpful. He automatically sits when he comes to us and wants to be petted. He also has great eye contact and is  just overall a great tempered dog. He is already starting to master fetch with a soft squishy ball!  I was very happy with our interactions and your willingness to answer questions and get back to us in a very timely manner. Overall we are very pleased and loving our little fluff ball, thank you!


Abigail (Chicago)

Our puppy has adjusted very well! She fit right into our family and has done surprisingly well with our move. We found a nearby training center that we love, and Pepper has been excelling with obedience training. She has lots of puppy energy but is smart and eager to please, which makes her a joy to train. We're excited to do more advanced training with her in the future. Also, she's had fewer than five bathroom accidents total! We couldn't believe how easy house-training was; thank you for whatever you did on that front! 

She has been to quite a few gatherings with our family and friends and has done well in those settings too. She loves meeting new people and wants to be everybody's best friend, and she's been playful but gentle when meeting small children. 

On top of all this, we just love Pepper dearly! She has the sweetest personality, has bonded with us thoroughly, and is already a treasured member of our family.  

I was impressed by the breeding practices you described on your website and over the phone. I grew up with rescue dogs and have always been wary of breeders for ethical reasons, but my husband and I were set on a goldendoodle, so we decided we'd try to find a breeder we trusted. I love that the puppies are raised in your home and receive lots of love and attention. The fact that you only do two litters a year was a good sign to me, as was the level of detail you offered regarding how the puppies are raised. Your weekly reports also gave me confidence in your practices. 

I also feel that your prices are reasonable considering that the puppies are raised in your home with early socialization and receive well-documented early veterinary care. We absolutely loved the puppy reports and looked forward to them every week! In addition to being fun and adorable, they helped us feel confident in the quality of care the puppies were receiving.  

Adoption Day was a great day! Thanks to all the information you provided, we felt very prepared. [The Adoption Kit] is great! Even our vet was impressed with the quality of information you provided.


Heather (Cedarburg)

Our puppy  is doing amazing! She is such a loving and playful dog—we are all in love! She is doing great in her transition to our family. She likes riding in the car, did wonderful in her first vet visit, has met 25+ people in her first week, is sleeping through the night, and is acclimating to her crate and play area. 

She has been completely house-trained for nine days [since her second week at home] and is letting us know by going to the door or barking that she needs to go out. She is sitting on command and will gently feed from our hands. She has met lots of friends and family and she is very friendly with new people of all ages. She has slept through the night since her third night with us. 

It is apparent that your socialization for the first 8 weeks is extremely effective in transitioning to a new home. We are working on her bite inhibition this week, she has two periods in the morning and at night where she is very active and likes to nip. [Dr. Dunbar’s] book has been my bible and the kong training is wonderful. 

She does well in the car both for short and long (2 hours) rides. 

We loved the weekly video and narrative posts you had each week and looked forward to them. I wanted a breeder who kept the puppies in their home and did no more than 1-2 litters a year. Your website really spells that out.


Carlie (Grafton)

Our puppy is doing great! We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful addition to our family! She definitely fit right in from day one! She is an amazingly fast learner and loves spending time with family and other dogs! Thank you so much for all the work you put in raising her for the first 8 weeks! She was able to complete her first puppy classes a few weeks ago. Not to brag but she was the smartest one in the class! Not much fazes her at all! Not crying, nor her feet/ears/tail being touched. We are still working on being gentle with dogs and humans smaller then her, but she is learning commands very fast and love to play all the time! Thank you again for everything! We love her to pieces and can’t imagine not having her in our home now. 


Michael (Sussex)

Our experience with Northshore Doodles was outstanding. This was our first dog we were adopting and they made the process very simple yet very thorough. Kristen and her husband are very knowledgeable when it comes to puppies and puppy training. They went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we understood the before, during and after process of adopting our new puppy.  Lastly, their website was incredibly informative and help us make our decision to work with them much easier. If you are looking at adopting a golden or labradoodle, this would be the first place I would recommend looking.


Margaret (Madison)

Clover is adjusting so well! He cried on our car ride home to Madison the day we got him, but after that he didn’t cry much. He was happy in his kennel after only a couple nights. He did an awesome job with potty training and just graduated from puppy kindergarten. He really only barks when he wants some attention (he does not like us to be on our phones!). We think he is perfect. The two things we do struggle with are he still likes to chew/bite and isn’t the best leash walker. We’re confident both will improve and aren’t too worried.

I decided to buy a puppy from you instead of other breeders because I liked all the information on your website. The details of how you expose your puppies to different stimuli at different times and socialize them stuck out to me. I also liked that you only have one litter per year for each of your dogs, this was important that you really seem to care for your dogs. The main seller was after talking to you on the phone. You were very patient with all of my questions and very informative.

I liked the [development report] pictures the best and I also loved hearing what the puppies got to try during the previous week (car rides, going outside for the first time, moving to the kitchen). Pictures were of course my favorite. I would have liked more pictures and it would be nice to get the updates on the same day each week so I knew when to expect them. I was always so excited for those updates and sometimes the days dragged on waiting.

We enjoyed adoption day. It was nice to have our own private time to pick our puppy. You were very helpful that day and allotted plenty of time so we didn’t feel rushed.



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